Smart Connectors for the Next Generation Internet

What are the benefits of using Reowolf connectors over BSD-style sockets for Internet applications?

Declarative Protocol Language

Applications declare the network's behavior it expects from the connector declaratively and ahead-of-time, in a domain specific language:
Protocol Description Language (PDL).

Privacy-first Quality of Service

A Reowolf implementation offers optimization opportunities and intrusion detection capability that does not rely on ad-hoc and non-standard techniques such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).


Programming distributed Internet applications using connectors is simpler than using sockets: applications use only a single connector to manage communication with multiple peers.


Connectors are compositionally built from user-definable protocol components, that improves reusability and allows for formal verification of high-level protocol properties.

Compatibility & Interoperability

Connectors can run seamlessly on existing Internet infrastructure, and is interoperable with socket-based applications using current and novel transport layer implementations.

Operating System Integration

Reowolf aims at building two standardized implementations, following the development model of pthreads: a user-mode reference implementation and a kernel-mode driver.

Free and Open Source Software Project

Follow the active development from the git repository.

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