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A collection of useful articles that help you obtain more information about Reowolf.

Overview of the Reowolf Project

In this video, the viewer is walked through the Reowolf project. The problem context and solution direction are presented, the usage of the Connector API is explained, and a summary of the implementation internals is given. Finally, an outlook for future directions is given. Slides (pdf).

Time Modulation Protocol: a ‘Killer App’ for Reowolf?

During the execution of the Reowolf project over the past years, we have discovered a deep and interesting technique, that…

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Reowolf: Executable, Compositional, Synchronous Protocol Specifications

We submitted an article to the PLDI 2022 conference, but unfortunately the article was rejected. The version we submitted can…

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Reowolf: Synchronous multi-party communication over the Internet

An article accepted by the International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software (October 2019), Amsterdam, by Christopher Esterhuyse and…

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